AddMass delivers game-changing solution for cloud market

AddMass, a Cardiff-based cloud systems integration company and Xero ecosystems developer, is helping to deliver a game-changing solution for the cloud market.

The firm has partnered with SAP Anywhere to make it easier for companies to manage e-commerce websites, CRM, marketing, sales, inventory and customer service.

The idea is that there aren’t any barriers with the software. It’s been designed as a one complete, cost-effective front-office solution that delivers an effective customer experience.

Launched in 2013, AddMass is one of Britain’s first companies to create a cloud-based system that integrates Zero services. The firm has clients throughout the country, including many SMEs.

Jason Dunlop, CEO of Addmass, said the solution is capable of changing the cloud computing landscape and giving companies everything they need to succeed in today’s tech-dominated world.

“SAP Anywhere has Xero integration out of the box along with good api’s available to create a full ecosystem using selective Xero add-ons from the 500 plus connectors available,” he said.

“We think it will be a ‘’Game Change’’ in an already disruptive cloud computing landscape. We will provide sales, implementation, support and training around SAP Anywhere and intend the product to be the cornerstone of our SAP Edge partnership.”