App created in four days previewed

As you’d imagine, turning an idea into a viable business proposition is not an easy task – it takes a lot of time and energy.

Well, it appears this isn’t always the case, as decision-making app Dooloop can prove. Its team developed and previewed it at an event held at Cardiff’s Life Sciences Hub in just four days.

The event saw government representatives and business delegates come together to get an insight into the app and its team’s vision of success.

The app aims to help people make decisions and gauge the feelings of groups of people, whether it’s big or small. It does this by allowing people to upload their feedback and opinions instantly, with built-in technology wiping out page refreshing and making the process swift.

It’s been built specifically for those looking to give honest feedback without having to worry about the influence of others, perfect for focus groups.

Steve Dimmick, co-founder of Dooloop, said: “We built dooloop after spending ages going back and forth for feedback with design clients.

“Decisions that were made in meetings were overturned by management shortly afterwards which really annoyed us.
​ ​
“So we have dooloop to avoid that with our own stuff. But quickly, it became apparent that there were lots of applications of this platform. It’s really going to change things for people.”

The app is currently in beta, and you sign up for updates via