App for trading unwanted items now available on Android and iOS

Paperclip, a location-based app for trading unwanted items, is finally available to download on Android and iOS.

It’s the brainchild of Rich Woolley, a young entrepreneur from Penarth in Cardiff who studied business management at Imperial College London.

With it, you can discover unloved items around you and make offers to trade for your own items. Features include a built-in chat system for negotiating with people and social media integration.

Rich Woolley, founder and CEO of Paperclip, said: “Everyone has stuff that they don’t want in their houses – why not trade those items for things that they actually want?

“There are a number of ‘handheld eBays’ beginning to gain prominence this year, and it shows that there is appetite and infrastructure to redefine the way we think about getting rid of our unwanted items.

“Although our current product offers only item trading, we’ve got a whole host of innovative features in the pipeline to help make us the ubiquitous platform for making use of underused assets.”