Caerphilly-based online insurance broker reveals business boost, a leading online insurance broker based in Caerphilly, has revealed that it’s seen a 34 per cent profit increase over the past few months.

The company, which provides insurance for businesses such as tradesmen and consultants, has announced a pre-tax profit increase of £411,000 to £709,000.

It’s achieved this organic growth thanks to the creation of a pioneering and solid development strategy, which has driven growth across its online insurance business.

Overall, company turnover jumped to £10.77 million, compared to £7.77 million in 2015. And operating profit increased to £663k from £348k com two years earlier.

Lyndon R. Wood, CEO of the firm, said these numbers show that his company is constantly becoming stronger as a result of an effective growth strategy.

“The significant improvement in our financial numbers is clearly evidence that is moving in the right direction strategically and operationally,” he said.

“Our business is growing stronger and we are well positioned to continue investing in the short, medium and long term.”

“Innovation is a key driver in everything we do. My teams are building recurring revenues by growing our key accounts as we continue to provide insurance to both SMEs and large organisations.”