Caerphilly tech firm celebrates fifteen years in business

Team Metalogic, an IT firm based in Caerphilly, is celebrating fifteen years in business and looking to triple the size of its operations over the coming years.

Mike Parfitt launched the business in 2003 after developing a career in the technology sector and fixing computers in his spare time for family and friends.

The firm specialises in areas such as managed technology services, cloud networks and infrastructure, project consulting, telecommunications and data recovery.

Reflecting on his company’s growth, Mike said: “I can honestly say that it has been the most incredible 15 years of my professional life.

“The amount I have learned is staggering and to see the business in the position it is in now is wholly satisfying. Year and years of hard work are starting to pay off in a big way.

“Not only are we looking to triple the size of the business within three years with help from the Welsh Government Accelerated Growth Programme (AGP) but we have moved into new offices in Caerphilly that will accommodate this growth and allow us to reach those ambitions.”

He set up the business while studying a degree in multimedia computing at the University of Glamorgan. “It was something I stumbled into but I quickly realised the power of quality service,” explained Mark.

“One of my first customers was a local chauffeur company who I would visit from time-to-time in order to sort out various IT issues.

“They were that impressed with my work that they started recommending me to their contacts and clients. This was where I learnt the power of a quality referral on the back of good, honest, hard work.”

When he graduated from university, he handed in his notice at the convenience store he was working in and signed his first client. Fast forward to 2018, the company employs a team of seven and caters for more than 50 customers.

“The recession in 2007 was something of a game changer for us. Prior to this, our average customer was a business with up to 20 staff which was a sweet spot as they were too big for the business owner to be wearing the IT hat but not big enough to warrant an IT manager on the payroll,” he continued.

“With the recession, I found that larger businesses with 35+ staff who had previously employed an IT manager were looking to outsource their IT as a means of cost-saving during difficult economic times.

“This opened up a whole new customer demographic and by the scale of the businesses they had more complex requirements and larger budgets to invest in technology.

“By adapting to this change quickly and up-skilling ourselves, we were able to not only survive the economic downturn but actually benefit from it and positively grow the business.”

With the business landscape always changing, Mike admits that things haven’t always been easy and that his company has faced its fair share of challenges.

“The industry is ever-changing. With the dotcom boom internet technologies became popular and have continued to be so, but in more recent years as connectivity has improved technologies such as software-as-a-service have become the norm and cloud services are rapidly replacing on-premise servers hosting applications,” he added.

“As legislative changes such as GDPR come into force, it presents new challenges in terms of security of data integrity. No longer is a business’ data secured by the confines of their comms room.

“Data and applications are hosted in the cloud and a business must consider how they protect that data as well as ensure its availability and integrity.

“Similarly, in the age of the cyber attack, security is now a key concern and cost within any IT budget and the threats to a business are now much more digital theft than physical with businesses investing more and more money into digital security measures than ever before.”