Cardiff-based tech firm Paperclip forms partnership with MoneyMagpie

Cardiff-based e-commerce company Paperclip has formed a partnership with MoneyMagpie, a leading website that helps consumers save money.

Paperclip, which has created a selling and swapping marketplace, explained that its partnership with MoneyMagpie means visitors to the website can upload and sell anything they don’t need.

They’re also able to browse and buy items from fellow traders at bargain prices, instead of throwing items away and losing money. Marc Crosby, assistant editor of MoneyMagpie, praised the partnership.

“At MoneyMagpie, we’re big believers in finding great deals and freebies online, as well as selling things you no longer need both to de-clutter and to earn a bit of extra cash,” he said.

“That’s why we’ve teamed up with Paperclip to give our users access to a fantastic marketplace where they can buy, sell, swap and freecycle with people in their local area.”

Founded by Rich Woolley and Alan Small in 2014, the company is currently headquartered in Cardiff’s NatWest Entrepreneurial Spark Hub. It’s aimed at helping consumers save money.

The platform also lets them swap second-hand items within a trusted, local community. Paperclip differs from other platforms because there are no set prices.

“So every amount paid and every item traded is agreed as fair by both the buyer and the seller,” explained the company. Now this premise will carry over to MoneyMagpie.

Users of the website will be able to save money on items such as smartphones and tablets, which sell on the platform at affordable prices. Consumers also have a quick, easy way to sell unwanted gifts.

Rich Woolley, co-founder and CEO of Paperclip, said: “We’re incredibly proud to be working with MoneyMagpie this year.

“Our marketplace is first and foremost about saving money, and so we couldn’t think of a better website to partner with than one which has helped the UK so tremendously with earning that little bit extra.”

Coinciding with the partnership, Paperclip has debuted desktop version of its marketplace – something many users had requested. The firm said it allows even more consumers to start saving and swapping.

Rich added: “Almost one in five UK adults doesn’t own a smartphone, and we really wanted to open up the Paperclip marketplace to everyone, rather than just the app-savvy.

“We hope that between the launch of our website platform and the availability of Paperclip to MoneyMagpie users, we can help a growing number of UK shoppers to cut costs on spending.”