Cardiff-based tech start-up launches t-shirt ordering system

A Welsh tech start-up has raised an undisclosed sum of investment to build what it claims is the world’s fastest t-shirt ordering system.

The Cardiff-based founders of Dizzyjam, an online music industry merchandising platform, have launched, a promotional t-shirt ordering website.

It analyses thousands of sales across Dizzyjam to allow its team to predict the likely distribution size required in an order. This, the start-up believes, will reduce the amount of wasted packaging and boxes.

Ramp’s team are currently taking part on the Ignite accelerator program in London, where they’ve received investment to aid development and have access to advisors. They recently returned from a week of intensive mentoring in the US.

Dafydd Griffiths, co-founder of Ramp, said “Through extensive research with event organisers, businesses, community groups and sports clubs, we’ve seen that the average bulk t-shirt order takes 4 days and 8 emails or phone calls with a printer to finalise a quote and confirm an order.

“We’ve streamlined the quoting process to under 10 seconds, and the ordering process to under 2 minutes, all online”.

“It may seem like a lazy stereotype when our system calculates that our customers in the USA will need 2.7 times more XXL t-shirts than their UK counterparts” says Neil Cocker, Dafydd’s business partner. “But this level of insight and granularity can decrease wastage and increase profit margins by significant amounts in a market that’s worth 10s of billions of dollars”.