Cardiff-bred social media bod launches curated marketing directory

Cardiff-bred social media bod Ben Tossell has set up a curated directory of marketing resources and tools.

Marketing Stack currently sports 28 categories with around 260 resources/tools listed, covering areas of marketing such as analytics, content marketing, collaboration, automation and customer experience.

In each category, there’s a maximum of ten resources, all of which have been curated by Ben. The resources and tools have their logo, quick description and link to their site – but aren’t in any particular order.

Its aim is to help all levels of people in a company filter through the noise when searching for a marketing resource or tool. So far, after being featured on Product hunt on Tuesday, it’s received 12,717 users and 37,325 unique pageviews.

Ben grew up in Cardiff and studied international business at Nottingham Trent University. He currently works as a social media executive for Hugh James Solicitors and organises Product Hunt Cardiff meet-ups alongside.

He said: “I set it up because I saw Startup Stash and how useful it was. I work in marketing and people ask me to recommend things all the time, so it seemed like a no brainer that this needed to be made.

“I have to credit my developer Mubashar Iqbal for the actual build of the site. He has built the most about of products on product hunt. I’ve been working on it as a side project, mainly evenings and weekends for about 2 and a half/3 months I’d say. “