Cardiff named one of the most affordable tech hubs

According to a report released this week, the Welsh capital of Cardiff has emerged as one of the most affordable tech hubs in the United Kingdom.

The study, conducted by the world’s largest job listing site Indeed, rated the affordability of seven of the most established tech cities in the UK. It compared salaries with the average cost of living per city,

While London is the UK’s tech capital with an average salary of £51,070, the city doesn’t prove to be affordable. Property prices continue to rise, with a flat costing over £400,000. That’s eight times over the average tech salary.

Birmingham was the most affordable, with a flat costing £120,000 and salaries at around £42,268 – which is 83 percent of the London wage. The city’s main jobs include software developers, IT managers and data scientists.

Cardiff, which was recently named the fastest-growing digital economy after London, follows closely. The report claims that tech professionals can expect to earn over £40,000 a year, while average salaries in other areas are around £30,000.

Wales’s capital, like Birmingham, offers a good and affordable quality of living too. A decent flat costs around £134,000, which is significantly less than other cities when combined with yearly salary.

To get these results, Indeed analysed thousands of job adverts and the searches of millions of jobseekers. It also found that IT manager and data scientist jobs are the most popular, and that software development roles are harder to fill.

 The company has just launched an online platform called Indeed Prime, which will provide employers with top talent based on education, work experience and practical tech skills such as coding.

Terence Chiu, VP of product at Indeed, said: “It is increasingly competitive for companies to find the technical talent they need as companies ramp up their demand for these professionals. Employers who use Prime will find talent that they wouldn’t normally see through traditional university recruiting, staffing agencies and job postings.”

 “Our data shows this is a jobseeker’s market, with huge demand for tech talent and simply not enough of the right candidates to fill those open roles. Indeed Prime is uncovering hidden talent gems for the top tech employers, helping to close the skills gap in an industry which continues to grow at an unrivalled pace.”