Cardiff named one of the UK’s leading cyber cities

Cardiff has been named one of the UK’s best cyber cities, along with Reading and Leads.

The Welsh capital has beaten London in the Crucial Academy’s 2018 Cyber Security City Ranking, which profiles the top British cities for cybersecurity professionals.

Compiled annually, the list analyses factors such as salary, affordability, job availability and tech sector growth potential. It also considers the cities that are the most attractive to those working in the cyber security sector.

Reading, which is home to a variety of major international tech companies, topped the ranking. Meanwhile, Leeds came in second based on economic growth, and Cardiff is third for affordability.

One of the reasons Crucial puts together this research is to highlight the needs of cyber security professionals. A 2016 skills gap analysis from ISACA found that there’ll be a global shortage of two million cyber security professionals by 2019.

Tom Marcus, a former MI5 spy and best-selling author of Soldier Spy, worked with Crucial on this research. He said: “Cyber security is one of the most serious issues UK business faces today.

“For young people leaving education, ex-military people looking to transition to civilian life or those looking for a career change, there is no career no more Brexit-proof than cyber security.”

The top 10 cities can be seen below:

Rank City Salary Score Affordability Score Job Availability Score Tech Growth Potential Score TOTAL SCORE
1 Reading 8.3 7.3 10 8.1 33.7
2 Leeds 7.7 7.9 7.5 9.7 32.8
3 Cardiff 9.3 10 4.2 8 31.5
4 Edinburgh 8.5 8.2 4.7 9.7 31.1
5 Manchester 7.8 7.5 6.6 8.9 30.8
6 London 10 5.9 5.2 8.2 29.3
7 Glasgow 8.1 8.4 4.2 8.5 29.2
8 Newcastle 8.4 9.2 3.2 8 28.8
9 Brighton 7.8 6.5 4.7 9.7 28.7
10 Bristol 7.5 6.7 4.6 9.3 28.1

Results for Cardiff:

Rank for Salary Rank for Affordability Rank for Job Availability Rank for Tech Growth Potential Final Rank
2 1 8 7 3

Neil Williams, CEO of Crucial Academy, added: “The cyber security skills gap is a growing issue across the UK. Every city in the ranking is a tech hub within its own right.

“However, it is fascinating to see which cities, based on these factors, may be more attractive to the much-needed talent pool of cyber security professionals.”