Cardiff social media platform showcases at US tech conferences

Blurrt, a Cardiff-based social media analytics firm, has spent time exhibiting at a range of top tech and broadcasting events in US to showcase its platform.

The company attended the Collision Conference in New Orleans for three days and had the opportunity to show off its technology. It’s one of the top tech events in America.

More than 20,000 people from over 100 countries gather at the event annually, including CEOs from top technology companies, leading investors and journalists.

During the event, Blurrt exhibited at the beta exhibition section. This area showcased 20 companies that have gone through the start-up phase and want to take their next big step.

Nick Miller, the company’s co-founder, also took part in Collision’s PITCH competition. He had to give a four-minute talk on the platform and answer questions from a panel of tech pundits.

The team then made the journey to Las Vegas for the prestigious National Association of Broadcasters Conference, which brought together over 100,000 experts in media, entertainment and tech.

Nick Miller explained that the NAB conference was a great showcase for Blurrt: “The event provided a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate Blurrt’s integration work with broadcast graphics partner VizRT.

“The events were not only incredibly productive in terms of Blurrt moving forward with new clients and partners, but also massively reaffirming that there is a very clear need for the insights and analysis that Blurrt can generate from social media.”

The company believes that it learnt a lot from these events, from “technological advances and pitching skills to being reassured that there are no other companies providing the same level of insight, mood gauging and advanced audience segmentation that Blurrt offers”.

Launched in 2013, Blurrt works with a range of clients around the globe, and it recently secured its first customer in the US. Its platform provides mood gauging and advanced audience segmentation across social media networks.