Cardiff tech firm develops solution for generation rent

University Cribs, a Cardiff-based property rental platform, is rebranding to accommodate the student, graduate and young professional market.

The start-up has taken the strategic move to rebrand as in a bid to become the accommodation booking platform for 18-30-year-olds looking for short to medium-term housing.

Reesoma comes from “residence” and “room”, capturing the firm’s mission to enable its users to move property easily and resume their daily lives.

Having launched as a student platform 18 months ago, Reesoma believes it’s identified a growing opportunity for its solution among young professionals.

Jack Jenkins, CEO of Reesoma, said: “We have the users and we have the product so it’s a logical commercial move to make.

“The problems, although on the face may look different, bear many similarities across the demographic. The young are a time-strapped generation looking for better solutions from the products they use.”

Two years after launch, it’s become of the UK’s most exciting start-ups and has grown rapidly. The rebrand will allow Reesoma to take its product to the next level.

Dan Jefferys, COO of Resooma, said: “This becomes a crucial part of our company growth and will allow us to set the stage to scale.

“We’ve always been dedicated to building a product our customers love. We are taking these steps to ensure we can continue to serve them even in the next stage of their professional lives.

“As generation rent becomes a more prominent feature, Resooma will continue to create products that will support them.”

Jenkins said the rebrand gives the company the opportunity to re-assess and tackle the challenges they have run into since launch.

“We’ve always had a vision of being more than just housing. For us it’s about solving all the problems that students face during the journey to renting their new accommodation and household bills is one of them,” he added.

“It’s been a whole journey for us, one which has opened up a host of new opportunities. Not only has it been an opportunity to strategise, but also to really engage with our end users.

“Things don’t always go according to plan, and it’s given us the opportunity to listen to all our stakeholders and re-develop our company for the better. Resooma is now perfectly positioned to disrupt.”