Children protection tool teams up with anti-bullying charity

An online tool that helps parents protect children from the dangers of the web has teamed up with an anti-bullying charity to gain an insight into cyberbullying.

OnlineThem is to support British charity BulliesOut in developing a concrete understanding of cyberbullying and finding ways to deal with it more effectively.

According to the charity, cyberbullying is a concept with very little research, so it’ll collaborate with OnlineThem and conduct comprehensive research to gain a better insight into the area.

Launched in November by tech company HelloSoda, OnlineThem uses cutting-edge data analysis techniques and sophisticated algorithms to generate risk reports about children’s online interactions.

Parents are able to use the tool to receive monthly reports detailing unusual behaviour, language or interaction on their child’s social media accounts. As well as this, real-time alerts are generated if high-risk warning signs are detected.

Newport-born James Blake, founder and CEO of OnlineThem, said: “OnlineThem isn’t just about a new business venture. We’re also parents and we have a vested interest in making sure that children can use the internet safely whilst being protected from any risk of harm.

“Cyberbullying appears to be becoming more prevalent which is why it’s vital that more research is conducted to develop a real understanding of the issue. Partnering with charity BulliesOut will allow us to develop meaningful and insightful research into cyberbullying for the first time so we can tackle it more effectively.”

Linda James, CEO of Cardiff-based charity BulliesOut, said: “We are delighted that OnlineThem has chosen BulliesOut as its charity partner and the donations will certainly help us support those affected by bullying across the UK. OnlineThem is a natural partner for us as our goals are very much aligned.

“With the enormous rise in social media over the past few years, on our computers, tablets and phones, there can sometimes be little respite for those affected by cyberbullying. Much of the available research looks at the impact of cyberbullying, but the suggestions for how to prevent or deal with it are sparse.

“Working in partnership with OnlineThem we will look deeper at the issue of cyberbullying and through research, put together tangible strategies to identify, prevent and deal with cyberbullying.”