Coastal town to become most connected area in Wales

A coastal town in North Wales is set to become one of the country’s most connected areas following the rollout of an end-to-end pure fibre network.

Welsh tech company Fure Fibre Zone is planning to install next-generation broadband infrastructure across Colwyn Bay, providing residents with internet download and upload speeds of at least 100Mbps per second.

Once the network is fitted, homes and businesses in the town will benefit from internet download speeds three times quicker and upload speeds ten times faster than the Welsh average.

Research shows that Wales has some of the worst internet speeds in the UK. According to Ofcom, the nation has average download speeds of just 33.4Mbps and upload speeds of only 6.2Mbps.

Meanwhile, a 2017 study from the British Infrastructure Group found that 41.2 per cent of broadband connections in Colwyn Bay experienced speeds of less than 10Mbps.

With work set to commence in January 2019, Pure Fibre Zone will build a network across the town and optimise 17 masts to provide superfast broadband. It’ll also install Wi-Fi zones.

Elfed Thomas, CEO of parent company BFN Group, believes that poor internet speeds are holding back areas like Colwyn Bay. He said: “From restaurants attempting to batch transfer takings, to web designers trying to upload a client’s website, local businesses are hampered by slow internet speeds.

Over the next twelve Months, Pure Fibre Zone wants to build eight high-speed fibre zones across England and Wales. These will be linked from town to town.

“The average household has multiple connected devices to stream films, listen to music and play games – all of which require fast internet access,” added Thomas.

“Pure fibre is key to this and we are encouraging all residents to sign up. Singapore has the best average internet speeds in the world. We are aiming to make Colwyn Bay the Singapore of Wales.”