Codez Academy and Digital Profile partner to close digital skills gap

Codez Academy and Digital Profile have formed a partnership to help close the digital skills gap in Wales.

This will see Digital Profile, a job platform, sharing relevant opportunities in tech with recent graduates from Codez’s Academy digital skills program.

At the same time, the academy will be able to tap into data from Digital Profile’s employment platform to identify key needs in the region.

As a result of this data, Codez will find ways to tailor its courses based on the demands of the industry and the types of skills graduates need to stay relevant.

Both companies say this is a long-term agreement that’ll benefit their business goals as well as young professionals looking for job opportunities in Welsh tech.

Dan Lewis, founder of Digital Profile, believes that the Codez Academy and Digital Profile can achieve a lot of good by working together on closing the digital skills shortage.

He said: “Together, we can help smooth the process of people finding the right job, and companies finding the right people.

“The training that Codez Academy delivers helps people to build up their digital skills and to help them advance their careers, or break into the technology scene for the first time.

“Digital Profile helps digital professionals find great jobs that match their skillset, working for companies whose culture they enjoy and thrive in.”

Lewis sees this partnership as a good thing for the companies and the growing Welsh tech industry. He told Tech Dragons: “This is a long-term partnership because not only is it good for both our startups, but is also good for the local technology scene.

“Codez Academy’s students will be keeping in touch with opportunities in the area via Digital Profile, which will offer them an extra avenue for seeking relevant jobs.”

He added: “Our partnership will be responding to changing industry needs to make sure that we stay relevant, and support the growth in the sector.

“We really want to see the digital sector in the area continue to grow and thrive, and know that there is a role for us to help drive it on.”