Computer network firm moves to new offices

Twisted Pair Technologies, a firm specialising in data and computer network solutions, has moved offices to Bedwas in Caerphilly.

The move comes as the company has grown rapidly since launching in 2009. In its new 763 sq ft office, the company will have enough space to house more staff.

It’ll also benefit from back-up CCTV and ANPR (automatic number plate recognition) systems as well a dedicated facility where it can train new engineers.

Mark Cushing, managing director of Twisted Pair Technologies, said: “As our business has grown, the need for higher quality offices has become a priority.

“The plethora of clients we have secured over the past two years, including Sony, have culminated in us substantially increasing our turnover and staff levels; resulting in the need for improved premises.

“The move has given us a great space to demonstrate equipment to clients, as well as space to develop new members of the team prior to being exposed to site work.

“The benefit of having our new offices is already paying dividends. The business we have been able to take on has allowed us to take step back and develop our offering.

“Our industry is constantly evolving with new technology; so it’s vital we keep abreast of all developments. Having facilities to store and demonstrate equipment is an absolute must for our business to move forward.”