Cyber experts get a glimpse into the National Cyber Security Academy

Cyber security experts from across Wales were recently given a glimpse into the specialist industry facilities on offer at the University of South Wales.

The university recently hosted the January 2017 meeting of the south Wales Cyber Security Cluster, an organisation that brings together Welsh cyber security businesses.

Operating under the umbrella of the UK Cyber Security Forum, the cluster members were provided with a talk from USW computer forensics lecturer Gareth Davies.

He spoke about the security challenges around modern systems such as games consoles, car infotainment systems, mobile phones and home internet hubs. He also explained the university’s involvement in the EU funded ERASMUS project, DECAMP.

Once Gareth finished his talk, the visitors were given a tour around the cyber security facilities available at the Treforest Campus and gained a glimpse into the work of students.

Students who are studying at USW’s National Cyber Security Academy, which is based at the Newport City Campus, were also on hand to meet members of the cluster during the event.

“It was good to welcome the members of the South Wales Cyber Security Cluster to USW, and give those who are working in the sector a look at how we are training the next generation of cyber security experts,” Gareth said.

“There was a very lively Q&A session following the talk, and the visitors were impressed with the sector-leading research we are carrying out.

“It’s great for the academics here are USW, and our students, to be part of the South Wales cluster, which supports the Welsh Government’s commitment to Cyber Security – and the UK Government’s Cyber Security Strategy – by building cyber security knowledge, skills and capabilities in the region, and making this one of the most secure places in the world to do business.”