Democratic decision-making platform Doopoll rises to fame on BetaList

Democratic decision-making platform Doopoll has risen to fame on start-up discovery website BetaList.

Over the weekend, just 24 hours after originally being featured on the site, it rose to the trending start-ups hotspot on the site.

The team had only submitted the platform a few weeks earlier and was notified by email about the exciting milestone.

Since being listed, Doopoll has doubled its users and has received interest from overseas, as well as attracting extra traffic to its website.

It was previewed at an event in Cardiff back in May and took just 4.5 for its team to develop. Currently, it’s preparing to move into public beta.

Marc Thomas, the creative director of Doopoll, said: “This is the first time I’ve used BetaList as a start-up owner. I’ve browsed it a lot before but never had anything relevant to submit.

“It has a huge audience, from what I can see, and it’s pretty well respected in terms of people who have debuted on there. There are some pretty huge names who got their first exposure from BetaList.

He added: “In 24 hours, we doubled our beta users. I’ll be candid and say we had a small beta user base before but doubling sign ups is still serious benefit.

“Additionally, we now have users on every continent and so we’re happy to be able to get a global perspective on what we’re doing in Wales.”