Digital Festival set to return in May

The Digital Festival, which is Wales’s annual technology and innovation conference, will take place in Cardiff’s iconic Millenium Centre on May 21nd.

Set to attract more than two-thousand delegates, the event will be an opportunity for businesses and entrepreneurs to learn about the latest technology trends.

The speaker line-up includes former Wired UK editor-in-chief David Rowan, prestigious fintech leaders and a Silicon Valley investor, all of whom work at the cutting edge of technology.

This year’s event will be sponsored by fintech giant GoCompare and is being pitched as an international occurrence. It’s organised by Innovation Point and the Welsh Government.

Keynotes will be delivered from the likes of GoCompare, BT, Sony Europe, TechUK, British Blockchain Foundation, Garmin and BBC. There’ll also be workshops covering topics such as 5G, artificial intelligence and digital privacy.

Jackson Hull, chief operating and technology officer at headline sponsor GoCompare, said the event has become a key date for the innovators and entrepreneurs throughout the country.

 “We’re proud to support Digital Festival and further our shared ambition of putting Wales on the map as a tech hotspot.  This event is a catalyst for great ideas and important conversations between start-ups and established organisations,” he said.

“As a tech company we’re always on this journey ourselves, and we’re excited to share what we’ve learnt and learn from others too.”

David Rowan, who will speak on May 22nd, said: “The world will never move this slowly again.  Technology is changing the way every kind of company does business. 

“Suddenly, companies are realising they need to be an artificial intelligence (AI) business, a data-led business, a networked-intelligence business, and so on.  

“At Digital Festival, I’ll be sharing the lessons I’m learning in my intense travels visiting start-up clusters, university R&D labs and venture capitalists.”

David Warrender, CEO at Innovation Point, added: “In the UK, the digital sector is growing twice as fast as the wider economy.  It’s creating double the number of jobs, attracting billions in investment and contributes around £100bn to the economy.

“Digital Festival is your platform to help shape its future.  Whether you’re an innovative start-up, a non-tech business looking to learn how tech can transform your operation, or have decades of experience in the sector and a cryptocurrency portfolio begging to be invested, you have a part to play.”