Digital Profile raises £275,000 investment

Digital Profile, an online careers portal that’s helping people get access to jobs and training, has raised £275,000 from the Welsh Development Bank to accelerate growth.

The investment, which was also supported by private investor Giles Phelps and Cardiff Council, will support the company in expanding is product and market reach.

Based at Tramshed Tech in Cardiff, the platform allows users to create a real-time digital CV listing. Companies can also use the service to advertise to educational institutions.

Launched in June 2016 by seasoned entrepreneur Dan Lewis, the website has quickly expanded, and it’s now being used by over 450 businesses and 3000 individuals.

Dan Lewis, founder of Digital Profile, spoke about the platform: “We wanted to create an engaging platform that allows people to change and adapt their CV or profile easily.”

“Our system allows candidates to tailor applications simply and customise their profile as they gain more and more experience. It also allows employers and training providers to target appropriate opportunities to a large number of potential candidates.”

Sarah Smith, an investment officer at Welsh Development Bank, commended the company on its success. “Dan and the team has a very exciting product and easy to use,” she said.

“It is a testament to the innovation platform because so many people and businesses have already committed to use. With the privacy security platform, Digital Profile perfectly positioned to address the concerns that employers face when the General Data Protection regulations will come into force in May this year. ”

Cardiff Council is not only using the platform, but it’s become an investor too. Councillor Russell Goodway said, cabinet member for investment and development, praised Digital Profile.

“It shows the solid foundation of digital skills we have in Cardiff and across the region and the role of the City Tech in Grangetown Tramshed for developing digital skills. ”

Insurance company Admiral has also joined the system. Luke Tooze, recruitment manager at the firm, said: “A platform Digital Profile great balance in terms of what employers want and need a platform including candidates’ needs.

“From the employer’s perspective, the system allows us to promote, manage and have a great level of management information back.

“It’s nice to see such an exciting platform for both candidates and employers and is something we are very excited to be part of it here at Admiral.”

Ryan Cullen, people partner at Cardiff-based tech firm Devopsguys, added: “It’s great to see an innovative solution to the changing labour market, particularly in the technology landscape work that continues to be challenging.

“Digital Profile offers something new and unique and offer additional benefits in terms of value for employees and for employers. With some large employers engage with the platform, I’m sure that it is likely to attract many the best talents who are interested in working in the field.

“I can see that continuing growth in personal Digital Profile is set to increase as a result of its success stories of himself. “