Digital Roots aims to boost employment and economic growth

Codez Academy, which is based in Caerphilly, has begun running a new technology skills scheme aimed at boosting employment in South Wales.

Called Digital Roots, it teaches students a range of vocational and digital skills to meet the demands of modern employers, including web development.

The scheme is being supported by Caerphilly Council and is working in partnership with Careers Wales in a bid to boost employment rates and stimulate economic growth.

Digital Roots was set up by Dean Jenkins, the founder of Codez Academy  and winner of the Caerphilly Business Forum Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2015.

He said: “There’s an enormous opportunity presenting itself in Wales to help the unemployed, to help those that have been made redundant, and to help those that want an alternative to going to university or taking a trade.

“The digital sector has expanded so rapidly in the past few years that it has left a huge shortfall in skilled people to sustain it.

“We want to give people the opportunity to step in and fill that shortfall, and with it really put Wales at the forefront of the digital sector. We believe that this scheme will go a long way to full filling that goal and the benefits to the economy and to people in Wales could be enormous.”