Doopoll makes string of international talent hires

Following a successful first year and a global recruitment drive, Cardiff-based tech start-up Doopoll has made a string of key international talent hires.

With the online polling platform being used on every continent excluding Antartica, the firm’s founders Steve Dimmick, Sam Goudie and Marc Thomas decided that its search for talent shouldn’t be restricted to just the UK.

The firm has now hired several new employees from right around the world, including expert developer Ryan Glover, market attribution guru Michael Stone and new business specialist Pilar Amores.

A renowned developer, author and mentor, Ryan brings more than nine years’ of experience in product and systems development to the table. He also has a unique understanding of the future of tech that Doopoll is built on.

He’ll work with the Doopoll UK team from his home in Chicago, but he doesn’t see the 3,000 mile divide as an obstacle. Instead, he believes it’s a strength that’ll work in the favour of Doopoll.

He said: “I decided to join the company because I liked the product and what it stands for. doopoll is designed to give all parties a say in making decisions, and that is exactly how the founders run doopoll.

“They don’t expect people to work in boxes, they allow you the space to work a problem through. It speaks a lot to the power of the net when it comes to bringing people together.”

Michael will work on expanding Doopoll into new and existing global markets. Born in Boston, his career has seen him travel all over the globe and build extensive client relationships. He’s held business development roles in Shanghai, China, and Seattle, USA.

After graduating with a degree journalism and communications in her home country of Spain, South America and the UK, Pilar Amores’ CV includes communications roles with the United Nations in the Dominican Republic and customer relations roles in the high-end art and medical sectors. She’ll work as a business specialist.

Doopoll, as a platform, aims to change the way businesses and organises make decisions by “removing the barriers to inclusive and honest feedback”. Launched in 2015, it’s available in English, Welsh and French, with plans to support more languages.

A number of high-profile firms and institutions are already using Doopoll, including French liquor group Pernod Ricard, National Museum of Wales and Swansea University School of Management.

Sam Goudie, co-founder of Doopoll, said: “We’re building an international team because we know that it will add value both to Doopoll and to our users. It takes a global team to create a global product.

“It concerns me when I see startups hire entire development teams off the shelf abroad solely because they’re cheap. That’s short sighted thinking, and it will cost you in the long run. The choice should be to hire the best person for the job, wherever they are in the world.”