Edtech curation resource unveiled

Edtech start-up Sprink has unveiled an online resource dedicated to helping people discover and learn about some of the best educational apps out there.

Called The Guide, Sprink will use it to hand-pick and crowdsource hundreds of videos and tutorials of popular educational apps.

It’s run by people who are passionate about using technology to support others in their goal of learning something new. There are no ads or monthly payments.

Sprink is currently in the process of looking out for more people to join The Guide and to contribute to the site by adding apps and tutorials they believe should be featured.

Mike Rudge, creator of The Guide, said: “The Guide was built to solve several problems. I wanted to build a modern web app that reaches the high expectations of design and speed we have all come to expect. Something that feels great to use and just works across all devices.

“The site is completely responsive and will even change design based on which device you are using. The content is also crowdsourced from all around the internet from places such as Youtube and Vimeo. There are great tutorials and people with great ideas about how to use these Apps creatively.

“The Guide simply puts them in one place. Although there are comparisons with sites like lynda.com, we are not competing with them. Instead we are a community of people with a passion for learning, hand picking the videos that we found useful.”