First Startup Wales competition to take place in October

The first Startup Wales competition will take place in Cardiff from October 9th-11th.

It’ll bring together creative types from all over Wales to come up with and develop ideas they could turn into viable start-up opportunities.

On the Friday, participants will brainstorm potential ideas and pitch them in the form of short presentations to the audience. In these, they’ll state what resources they’ll need – such as designers and coders.

Attendees will then be asked to vote which concepts and teams they’d like to be part of, going on to work with them right throughout the weekend.

Once the ideas have been developed, the teams will pitch them to the judges: Nick Van Der Meulen, CEO of VDM Capital Management, MIT’s Georgina Cambell Flatter, David Notley, CEO of Impact Innovation, Steve Dimmick, a Cardiff-based entrepreneur and Neil Cocker, the founder of Cardiff Start.

Prizes include £10,000 seed investment, acceptance onto the Welsh Government’s Accelerated Growth Programme and mentorship.

Rich Woolley, founder and lead organiser of Startup Wales, said: “I’ve set up Startup Wales because there’s an enormous pool of talent in Wales, and startups can help provide the direction and support needed to nurture that talent.

“The de-centralised nature of modern startups makes it possible to rejuvenate some parts of Wales that don’t traditionally offer such opportunities locally; we could have the next Google, Amazon or Facebook founder in the valleys but they might not have been given the motivation or opportunity to ignite the process yet.

“Establishing just one of those types of startups in Wales would provide a range of economic benefits capable of rejuvenating entire Welsh counties both in the near term and further down the line.”