GoCompare launches neuroscience programme for marketing specialists

Fintech giant GoCompare has partnered with Cardiff and Vale College to launch the UK’s first applied neuroscience and neuromarketing programme.

Created as a bespoke course for GoCompare’s marketing team and delivered in partnership with RW Learning, it looks at ways in which neuroscience can be applied to management and memory.

Nathan Hopkins, talent acquisition manager at GoCompare, said: “We are firm believers that innovation comes from attracting the very best talent and ensuring that we provide the best development opportunities to our employees.

“”ardiff and Vale College (CAVC) has been a partner of choice for us for many years due to their desire to create bespoke programmes that upskill our teams and provide clear ROI and business benefit.

“We approached CAVC in 2018 with   the objective of creating a new programme not presently available in South Wales, which focused on applied neuroscience within our marketing department.

“This programme has already been well received by all of those involved and we are excited to see how this will improve personal and business performance across the marketing team.”

Delivered across five months, it provides participants with a range of theoretical and practical workshop-based modules. GoGomapre said they’re designed to give teams “a better understanding of the behavioural processes behind creating effective marketing campaigns”.

Mary Kent, vice principal at Cardiff and Vale College, said: “We are delighted to have the opportunity to work with RW Learning to create and deliver such an innovative and bespoke programme for GoCompare.

“This is the first of its kind in Wales and demonstrates CAVC’s ability to respond to the leading-edge training needs of our clients. We’re confident this programme will have a positive impact on GoCompare’s marketing team.”