Happus visits The Treasury to celebrate Small Business Saturday

Caerphilly-based Happus, which offers affordable computing products, was one of 100 companies that attended an event at The Treasury this weekend to mark Small Business Saturday.

The selected businesses represented the UK’s 5.4 million SMEs in celebrating the third Small Business Saturday. It’s a grass-roots, not-for-profit campaign that places SMEs in the national spotlight.

It aims not only to encourage people to invest and support small businesses in the run-up to Christmas but also to create a positive mind-set to help them right around the year.

The event was held at The Treasury’s Internal Drum and was attended by the Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne. David Williams, managing director of Happus, was in attendance.

Speaking after the event, Williams said: “It was a real privilege to represent small businesses in Wales and we were delighted to be one in one hundred small businesses invited down to The Treasury.

“Small businesses have a huge part to play in the economy here in Wales and across the wider UK. However as a small business we have a lot more control over our service and the freedom to make decisions that we know will benefit our customers – because we speak to them every day. We aren’t a chain working for a head office, we are a part of our community, living and working amongst our stakeholders.

“We are hoping that the focus and attention that surrounds Small Business Saturday will really help highlight the issue of digital exclusion. We started Happus to help tackle the lack of affordable hardware and connectivity, now we want to help people get the skills they need to get online and be part of the digital world.

 “The ethos here at Happus is that internet access is a right, not a privilege and that’s why we are offering free support to anyone who feels they need help getting online.”

George Osborne, the chancellor, said: “Small Business Saturday is a great opportunity to champion some of the brilliant entrepreneurs and firms we have in this country and make sure everyone is aware of the powerful role they play.”

Michelle Ovens, Small Business UK campaign director, said: “Small Business Saturday has become an exceptional example of collaboration and co-operation with small businesses teaming up in communities around the UK.

“We aim to showcase the level of diversity, innovation and talent that is active within our small business sector and persuading people to get out and support their friends, neighbours and family members and reinforce local communities and economies.”