Interactive kids books Bean and Gone launch on Kickstarter

Bean and Gone, a series of interactive books for children, has launched on Kickstarter in a bid to raise £75k to form a team and start development.
These books, which have been in the pipeline since 2013, are aimed at bringing children and parents together and making storytelling more interactive.
They tell the story of two beans – called Jim and Jess –  that are thrust into a whirlwind adventure spanning space and time. Each story continues from the last, and readers can interact with them by choosing new paths and picking up objects.
The characters are based on a set of drawings and books that were produced by British illustrator Richard Fowler in late 1970s and early 1980s. These new apps are essentially giving them a new lease of life.
Dan Clemo, co-founder of Bean and Gone, said: “The story behind the project is a very personal one to me. It was an event in 2013 that brought back a childhood memory when I saw my own children playing with a board game that I had as a child.
“The board game was not from a big name toy company – in fact it was the opposite – it was a hand drawn, low print run game taken out a picture book for children by the British illustrator Richard Fowler. The simple bean-shaped characters had captivated me as a child, and now some 30 years on they were entertaining my own children.
“This got me thinking about the possibilities of creating some new IP, based on the hand drawn Bean characters, seeking the authors backing and starting something new that parents and children could enjoy together. This is where Bean and Gone comes into the mix.”