Interview: Chris Ganje, CEO of Amplyfi

There are a ton of exciting technologies beginning to flourish, such as the Internet of Things and virtual reality. But we’ve also heard a lot about artificial intelligence in recent years.

AI personal assistants such as Siri, Cortana and Amazon Echo have already taken over the industry, although this technology is capable of much more. And Amplyfi wants to become a sector pioneer.

The Welsh tech start-up has developed an AI product that can delve deeper into the internet and help harvest more valuable information. We speak to Chris Ganje, the firm’s CEO.

TD: What is Amplyfi, and what does it do?

CG: Amplyfi is a start-up that has developed a revolutionary software platform called DataVoyant, which combines artificial intelligence, surface web and deep web harvesting, and intuitive data visualisations within a single, integrated, and user-friendly platform.

It identifies and tracks globally new and emerging trends, potential technology advances and highlights sources of possible market disruption. Offered as a cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform, it can support a range of client activities such as competitor intelligence, investment optimisation, M&A origination and assurance, portfolio and country risk assessments and much more.

In sourcing data from the Surface and Deep Web, from across all modern languages, it ensures that its analysis is underpinned by the most comprehensive datasets available.

TD: Why did you set the business up?

CG: We realised the significant limitations of gathering and interpreting business intelligence while leading a multi-million pound technology and portfolio strategy at one of the world’s largest companies. The process involved surveys, market research, and business intelligence tools to determine the major opportunities and threats that could impact the company’s global portfolio of assets.

This approach allowed tremendous internal biases to drive the conclusions. Of particular concern was the potential for facts to be distorted by the opinions of a limited number of internal and – most worryingly – external experts.  The findings and conclusions were used to inform significant long-term decisions impacting global assets and technology R&D programmes. 

TD: How did this work out?

CG: Following this exercise, an extensive six-month investigation revealed the potential for the founders to revolutionise intelligence gathering and strategic decision making through a potent combination of surface and deep web harvesting, 
AI, big data simplification and intuitive visualisations.

Consequently, Amplyfi was formed with a vision of creating the next generation of business intelligence tools. As our flagship product, DataVoyant has proven itself capable of augmenting and strengthening current human-based intelligence gathering and corporate strategic decision making.

The technology uses AI to replicate what humans do, but at a speed, volume, complexity and accuracy that is beyond the capability of individuals, teams or even large companies.

TD: What problem is it solving?

CG: The rapid pace of technological and market change in today’s world means that no industry is safe from disruption. Organisations that fail to monitor disruptive forces are at risk of losing market share or even face obsolescence. Notable examples include the hotel industry and Airbnb, oil majors and the shale revolution, and personal mobility and Uber.

The challenge of maintaining a competitive advantage in fast moving, dynamic and increasingly global markets has typically forced companies to turn to external consultants. The internet is a vast and largely untapped source of intelligence.

Less than 1 per cent of the internet’s content can be found using a standard “surface web” search engine like Google, Yahoo! or Bing. Beneath the surface web lies the “deep web.” It is an enormous knowledge store, full of rich datasets including academic journals, government databases, ideation platforms, blogs, patents, message boards and financial records. The Deep Web is arguably the world’s most valuable untapped resource.

Accessing the internet via standard search engines present users with only a limited amount of the potential information available. Even then, users can only hope to be able to work with an extremely limited number of the potentially millions of search results returned.

Fully unlocking the internet’s vast potential to provide intelligent, fast and actionable insight represents a quantum leap forward in business intelligence capability. This can only be achieved by using the right application of artificial intelligence.

TD: What makes your business unique?

CG: DataVoyant is revolutionising the speed, accuracy, quality and cost of business intelligence. It empowers clients with the ability to uncover emerging opportunities and threats as well as market drivers and trends ahead of the competition. It has been designed to be both flexible and usable by anyone – ranging from subject matter experts to novices.

TD: Where next, and what do you think of welsh tech??

CG: Amplyfi will continue to scale and grow over the next few years with a view to becoming a global leader in the business intelligence market.

The decision to establish our HQ in Wales was based on a variety of factors: strong pipeline of talent from local universities, emerging innovation clusters, generous Welsh Government incentives and new SME accelerators.