Interview: Gareth Thomas, founder of Clarified

Tech Dragons recently caught up with Gareth Thomas, a technology entrepreneur, marketing specialist and foster carer based in Cardiff. He speaks to us about his businesses and life.

Who are you, and what do you do?

GT: I run digital marketing agency Clarified and also co-founded holiday rental website Reserve Apartments. Alongside my business ventures, I’m a single male foster carer to three incredible children.

TD: Why did you launch your business? 

GT: I spent 10 years growing my last business, as well as starting a few others and being involved in the development of several other businesses.

My priority now is the children I care for, but Clarified allows me to bring my extensive skillset and experience to those who can benefit from it. It helps that I absolutely love what I do.

TD: What has your start-up journey been like?

GT: I started a web design and development agency when I was 14. As well as client sites, I built a few of my own websites (to learn new skills, test things out, etc.).

One of the websites gained traction, won some awards, and landed me a couple of jobs with some interesting start-ups.

The sale of one of those businesses led me to co-found Reserve Apartments in 2007. I grew this business over 10 years, and it’s now the largest holiday apartment agency in Scotland.

TD: What motivated you to become a foster carer?

GT: In 2017, I made a huge life change. I took a step back from running Reserve, and I became a foster carer. I quickly had 3 children placed with me.

They’re absolutely amazing and have been with me for a year now. For anyone that’s ever considered fostering/adoption, it’s really tough but unbelievably rewarding.

TD: What makes your business unique?

GT: What makes the business unique is me. I don’t employ anyone, so I’m selling my experience and skillset. I put myself front and centre on the website, as that’s what people get when they work with me.