Interview: Mahmuda Khatun, CEO of Go2GP

In the latest Tech Dragons interview, we speak to Mahmuda Khatun, the CEO and co-founder of virtual GP service Go2GP. The start-up recently launched after reaching the final of IdeasFund, Wales’s first tech accelerator.

TD: What is Go2GP?

MK: Go2GP gives the full experience you’d get from a GP visit, all from your smartphone. From diagnosis to having your prescription medication delivered straight to home or work, you can avoid the lengthy process of visiting a doctor’s surgery.

We are a startup team that looks after other teams. Our aim is to help you look after your team’s wellbeing and help increase productivity, decrease sickness absence and reduce costs.

Developed on the ethos that you and your team should be able to see a doctor on demand, Go2GP will ultimately provide your team 24/7 access to doctors via their smart phones. By allowing individuals to speak to a doctor and get treated the moment health concern arises — rather than weeks later .

Your team using the service will only need to take 10 minutes out of their working day, as opposed to taking half or full day-off to see their GP, and 95% of concerns will be resolved on the spot.

TD: Why and when did you set the company up?

MK: I set up Go2Gp having been in the pharmacy industry for the past 6 years and in the meantime seen a big evolution in the tech market while the healthcare market has been lagging behind.

Go2GP was started in April 2016 by me and Shah Hoque after having previously launched an online pharmacy successfully.

Founded on a vision of providing easy access to primary healthcare, Go2GP is working with teams of all sizes to increase health, happiness and productivity in the workplace.

GP visits are time-consuming and inconvenient, staff away from work is costly, and access to primary care is inefficient and disjointed, with an average waiting time of 2 weeks to get a GP appointment.

We want to tackle the problem around access to primary care and the direct impact this has on busy lives and jobs where annual cost of sickness absence reached £29 billion for UK businesses with 131 million days lost due to sickness.

The doctor will see you now. Our vision at Go2GP is to provide a service where we can make you and your team feel better when you need it the most. Tackling those day-to-day stresses of booking GP appointments, strenuous visits to the local surgery and lengthy waiting times to see your GP.

TD: What are your ambitions for the start-up?

MK: In the space of four weeks, Go2GP has gone from nothing to nearing the completion of its minimal viable product and the aim is to launch the service in summer 2016.

It has already gained traction with early adopters, with over 500 individuals signed up in space of 2 weeks.

Ultimately, we would like to provide a 24/7 doctor and pharmacy service, so you and your team never have to wait weeks to see a GP or have to visit A&E due to lack of out-of-hours GP provision. We want to provide a seamless healthcare solution for teams and individuals, where set-up is simple and using our service is easy with exceptional service.

Go2GP strives to provide an exceptional service to those who really care and want to look after the wellbeing of their team.

TD: What has it been like taking part on IdeasFund? 

MK: IdeasFund have been invaluable, providing us with mentors such as Matt Warren, Paul Harwood and Tim Morgan, who have given us advice, feedback and guidance from their wealth of knowledge.

IdeasFund has opened doors of opportunities we would never have had otherwise, like pitching at Digital 2016 and Google Campus in London to attract seed funding a start-up needs.

We have also met some brilliant start-ups in the process. Being around other like-minded individuals and bouncing ideas, thoughts and insights are all invaluable for a start-up.

TD: When the programme finishes, what is your next step?

MK: After IdeasFund, we will continue to develop Go2GP as a start-up and look to expand into Europe before going worldwide. We hope to create better work place health and easier access to primary healthcare globally.

We’ll be adding on other health and wellbeing specialists such as therapists, nurses, specialists so that you can have access to expert medical advice. We will also focus on both the physical and mental wellbeing of you and your company.

TD: Where do you see the business in a year’s time?

MK: In a year’s time, Go2GP should be the go-to for primary healthcare for start-ups and small teams alike. We also see Go2GP being adopted in larger companies who take pride in looking after the wellbeing of their employees. We want to be an integral part of health and wellbeing at work and out-of-hours for employees and their families.

TD: What advice would you give to other young start-ups?

MK: It’s very important to have mentors when starting up, find people who inspire you, learn from their experiences and mistakes. Hindsight is a very powerful thing.

We cannot stress the importance of networking. Do research and know your market, your USP and have a business plan. Look for an accelerator programme that will help motivate you and put you in better stead to jump starting your business.

Branding and presentation is as important as the product. If your product looks boring then you have already lost. Lastly, improve your pitching and public speaking skills. People need to hear you and be interested in what you are offering. Define and learn your elevator pitch early on.