Interview: Matthew Edwards, technical manager of TWL Voice & Data

Wales has a lot to offer in terms of technology, but the telecoms sector has presented a plethora of new opportunities over the years. And TWL Voice & Data is leading in the area.

The Cardiff-based firm, which was launched thirteen years ago, provides bespoke telecoms services to companies right around the UK. It’s also pioneering a new cloud telephony product.

We recently caught up with Matthew Edwards, the company’s technical manager. He talks more about his company and how it’s on a mission to disrupt the lucrative telecoms market. .

TD: Who are you, and what does your company do?

ME: I’m Matthew Edwards, technical manager at TWL Voice and Data. We’re a telecoms company based in Cardiff. We advise on, supply, install and maintain business telephone systems.

We have no faceless call centre. All of our advisors are engineers themselves, and we tailor all of our packages to meet the customer’s needs.

TD: Why was the business up?        

ME: Customer demand. Our MD was asked to look after some clients around 13 years ago, and the company growth has come from there. A lot of our business is purely through recommendations.

TD: What problem is it solving?

ME: Making business phone systems more reliable and accessible. Telecoms can have a bad reputation because of aggressive sales techniques and incorrect customer needs matching. We challenge that and ensure the customer is always in the driving seat.

TD: What makes your business unique?

ME: Our flexibility. We don’t tie people in long term contracts unless they want to. That’s why people choose to stay with us, I think. Alongside a diverse mix of technical expertise, we aim to make a difference to the client satisfaction overall.

TD: What’s been your biggest success, and biggest obstacle?

ME: Still being strong as a family. Every business goes through turbulent times, but it’s always been important to us to stay true to our goals from the beginning and not lose sight of who we wanted to be.

TD: Where do you see the business in 5 years’ time?

ME: Still maintaining the customer focus we have, but obviously closer to the existing database, looking after everyone who has chosen to be part of us at TWL.

We also love inviting new people to work with us. All of our clients tend to help us check our offering is always spot on and up to date.

TD: What do you think of Welsh tech?

ME: The perception is that Wales is behind the times, but in many respects we are no different to anywhere else. I think our USP in Wales is that we are hungry for it, and a lot of our business tends to be through relationships and networking ensuring that we continually work with and refer to the right people around.

TD: Do you have any advice for budding entrepreneurs? 

ME: Stay true to yourself. Don’t lose sight of what you started to do at the beginning, and remember why you started what you are doing. Take all of your team members and staff on the continually evolving journey with you.