Job platform for youngsters is accepted onto Accelerated Growth Programme

MiFuture, a platform aimed at helping school leavers find job, learning and volunteering opportunities throughout Wales, has been accepted onto the Accelerated Growth Programme.

Former educator Gemma Hallet launched the app in 2015 to help organisations reach out to 16-25 year olds with specific earning, learning, training and volunteering positions.

The company, which is currently based at co-working space Welsh ICE in Caerphilly, is targeting FE, apprentice, course, training and employment providers in Wales.

Available to download for free on Android and iOS, users create a profile and are then matched to jobs. Similar to dating app Tinder, they swipe right to apply for roles.

Once a user does this, an application is generated and a notification is sent to the recruiter. Hallet, who founded the app, believes that this helps job-seekers save time and energy.

Run by Business Wales, the Welsh Accelerated Growth Programme offers support to high-growth, pre-revenue small and medium-sized businesses from across the country.

Speaking to Tech Dragons, MiFuture founder Gemma Hallet explained that this programme will provide her company with the resources to accelerate growth and improve her product.

“We are thrilled to be accepted onto the Accelerated Growth Programme, not only does this support boost momentum to expedite the company’s future growth,” she said.

“It is proof that the miFuture solution we have been building and implementing at a local level is ready for investment and primed for national and ultimately international growth.”

Gemma is confident that she’ll be able to expand her company to other regions and that she has a lucrative place in the market. She’ll receive advice and funding to help with this journey.

“Being part of a programme that is targeting high-growth businesses will accelerate our solution in the fundamental challenge to communicate with young people throughout Wales and the world,” she continued.

“We are eager to enter our next growth phase and have the potential and determination to get there, having already begun working with our coach to re-evaluate our value and positioning in this market, it is an exciting time and targets are set high.”

Hallet added: “From advice to funding opportunities, the program will benefit miFuture in its mission to transform the way recruiters communicate their offering to young candidates and modernise the approach colleges, training providers use for targeting this technologically evolved user market.

“Having proven that our MVP is working well we are excited to now be to drive our platforms forward, build partnerships and deliver on our vision.”