S3 Advertising | Cardiff

As a 360º 21st century advertising agency, we are constantly winning new business by pitting ourselves against the biggest players in the industry.

Stand still in this game and fall off the pace. S3 Advertising pushes boundaries. Pushes the new. Pushes unique opportunities to ensure all our clients stand out from the crowd. If we’re not aiming high, if we’re not shaking it up, if we’re not giving it a shot – then we’re not doing our jobs properly.

Expect no stone left unturned. Expect statistics you didn’t even know existed and expect to learn more about your customer than you ever thought possible.

Our ambition; to make sure that your competitors are left in the dark. By making you more successful, we, in turn, become more successful.
We’re in this together, which is why we’ll give it all we have, every time.

S3 advertising never takes any clients for granted. Big or small, old or new, all our clients get treated with the same level of respect. Phone calls, bookings, meetings, proposals – all delivered to the highest standards, all delivered exactly when you were told they would be delivered.