Community manager

TechHub Swansea | Swansea

TechHub Swansea is part of the awesome TechHub global network providing community and workspace for technology entrepreneurs, developers and startups. Based across three continents, TechHub has locations in London, Riga, Berlin, Bucharest, Bangalore and Boston.

TechHub Swansea has grown at a phenomenal rate to become a beacon for the technology industry not just in Swansea, but in the whole South Wales region and we now need an exceptional candidate who can help us grow our community even further.

TechHub offers flexible workspace, access to an energetic community, the resources of a global company, the energy and shared knowledge of a tech conference and the buzz of a social networking event rolled into one.

The Community and Event Manager role is absolutely key to the way the community operates. The role means that you are the go-to person for the extremely cool TechHub community, the TechHub Directors, local and national organisations, millionaire and billionaire investors, government bodies, the local media and all the great businesses that are housed with the space.

You will be full of industry knowledge bursting with enthusiasm for technology and enterprise keeping up-to-date with the latest trends. The TechHub space provides a relaxed work environment in which you will be friendly, approachable and most of all adaptable to any given situation.

Your prior experience will include communications, sales, marketing, event management and/or customer relations. Ideally, you will be multi-experienced individual from several of the areas mentioned to be awesome at this job. A degree in management, marketing, communication or media is also a huge plus.

Job Description

  • Customer Relations – Be the front-of-house face of TechHub Swansea to build and curate a community of like-minded friendly tech entrepreneurs and startups.
  • Community Engagement – Developing and implementing community initiatives to increase community engagement.
  • Event Management – Planning, executing and evaluating events for up to 150 delegates including meet-ups, seminars, demos, networking events and most importantly; throw the greatest parties to bring together the community.
  • Marketing / Communications Strategy – Responsible for creating a strategic marketing and communications plan.
    • Content Creation – Writing blog posts, articles, newsletters, communications and materials for both online and offline channels.
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Email Marketing
    • Internal Communications
  • Membership Management (Sales) – Managing all enquiries, promotion and sales of memberships setting monthly targets for resident and flexi membership registrations to help maintain incredible growth and keep the main space full.
  • Public Relations – Building relationships with the local, regional and national media, planning, execution and measurement of media campaigns and managing incoming media requests.
  • Analytics – Using Google Analytics and other measurement tools to report on metrics and evaluate to identify trends and act upon to maintain and improve performance.
  • Small Business Management – Collaborating with the Office Manager to use a range of Cloud software solutions including Google Apps, Zendesk, FreeAgent, GoCardless, Flowdock, Trello, Typeform, MailChimp, EventBrite and CMS to manage both commercial and administration operations efficiently.

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