Leading Penarth software company launches career support platform

TestLodge, which is one of the top emerging UI testing tools to come out of the UK, has launched a new platform aimed at supporting people who want to pursue a career in software testing.

The Penarth-based company has created SoftwareTest.Careers, a new site that offers useful tips, advice and information about software testing. It also lists active jobs from across the world.

It’s looking to capitalise on the $3 billion software testing industry and inspire the next generation of software experts. The company currently supports thousands of users across over 180 countries.

Widely regarded as one of the UK’s leading software testing tools, it was launched by Scott Sherwood. He came up with the idea of the site after software testing became a desired skill for companies.

“We noticed that many Quality Assurance (QA) job adverts were listing experience using TestLodge as a desired attribute. Similarly, we found that freelancers were frequently listing our tool as part of their skillset,” he said.

“This gave us the idea that perhaps we could have a role to play in supporting QA’s looking to start a career in software testing.

“After a bit of research, we felt that while there were plenty of websites discussing the latest news and trends in software testing, there was very little that gave advice to those aspiring to build a career in the industry.

“We decided to reach out to bloggers and experienced software testers and asked them to contribute to the site.”

The recruitment section of the website already houses a plethora of active jobs, which send users straight to the career page, and a growing list of articles from CV support to entry-level skill guides.

“As the idea developed, the next natural fit was to add a jobs board to the site, so users across the world can job search and apply for their first or next career in software testing. Essentially, we hope the site will become a vital resource for those wanting to enter the ever-growing profession,” he continued.

“We hope the website will grow into a one-stop-shop for those looking to kick start their careers in an ever growing industry. Software testing is worth $3bn a year with a recent report from industry analyst, IBIS World stating that it is likely to grow further as more companies look to outsource testing.”