Learnium introduces new features as part of Microsoft partnership

Cardiff-based edtech company Learnium has unveiled a number of new features as part of its ongoing partnership with tech giant Microsoft.

It’s creating a new social learning experience by implementing Microsoft Office co-authoring and mobile integration capabilities into its education platform.

By joining forces with Microsoft, Learnium has been able to bring its platform to over 4.3 million students and teachers in the UK, who can collaborate on documents from anywhere.

Founded in 2015, the firm has built a platform that allows students and lecturers in a particular university or college share knowledge, revise together and stay updated with on-campus news.

In December 2015, the firm teamed up with Microsoft to integrate the platform with Office Online, letting students create and share documents easily. The next phase is co-authoring and mobile app integration.

Co-authoring says exactly what it does on the tin. It lets multiple users work on one document at the same time. Students can now work together on Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents.

As well as this, users are now able to use their mobile devices to work on Learnium files. A new document created on Office Mobile can be added to Learnium and shared with the community within moments.

Elinor Clarke, Senior Lecturer at Coventry University, said: “Many of our students are engaged in some form of group coursework. Being able to share Microsoft Office documents, edit and work on them at the same time in Learnium is exactly the type of functionality they need.”

Mark Stewart, UK education partner lead at Microsoft said:  “Co-authoring for web and mobile is an important new development for online learning as it enables students and teachers to collaborate in real-time on any device, from wherever they are. I’m excited to see this progress and how the combination of Learnium and Microsoft technologies can really make a difference in education.”