Meet PayZip, the smart invoicing solution

PayZip, a new smart invoicing and payment solution for clubs and not-for-profits, has launched.

Based in Cardiff, it’s aimed at freeing clubs from the burden of requesting and tracking member payments. At the same time, it lets members pay online safely.

The system has been built so it’s easy to use. The treasurer simply builds an invoice outlining the membership, trip away or money they’re owed and chooses who’ll receive it.

An email is then sent out to the member or group so they can pay online. They don’t need an account, and once the payment is processed, their balance is updated automatically.

As well as this, members can also pay through cash or a cheque, and the club organisers are able to record this on PayZip. It gives them a centralised, real-time view of their accounts.

Jaymie Thomas, chief technology officer of PayZip, tells Tech Dragons how most clubs have their own payment processes and how PayZip brings everything together.

He said: “We recognised that whilst almost no clubs have identical processes, a common pain point was collecting money from members.

“Sure, there are payment solutions like PayPal, but they only tell you that you’ve received money – you still have to reconcile the transaction yourself.

“PayZip is steps ahead of that, helping you record everything in one place and automating away a lot of the administration.”

In a massive feat for the start-up, PaZip has begun working with England Athletic. It’s using the solution as a way to integrate invoicing and payment procedures for its members.

Talking about the deal with EA, Jaymie said: “Prior to working with EA, PayZip was already trusted by organisations of all sizes, from local after-school clubs and nationwide sports teams, as well as bodies such as South Wales Football Association and Hockey Wales.

“The EA integration has validated our product at-scale, both technologically and also in terms of customer support. The extensive testing we carried out has really paid off and we now know that whatever size the club or organising body, PayZip can deliver.”

The firm has plenty of plans for the future, from helping more governing bodies and organisations to implementing new and improved features.

Jaymie added: “We’d love to help more governing bodies and organisations with their cashflow management, and of course help more individual clubs get a grip on their finances.

“In terms of the product, we’ve got a lot more ideas we want to build! There are lots of features we want to add to the front-end to give clubs more flexibility around scheduled invoicing and payments.

“On the back-end, we want to add more ways of paying, to help position us as the invoicing and payment interface of choice – not just for clubs and not-for-profits, but for any situation where you need to request and track payments.”