Mission possible for Welsh tech companies to supply the space sector

Yesterday, a technology conference and exhibition in Cardiff highlighted the unique opportunity for Welsh tech companies to diversity the UK space industry.

The event, which was sponsored by the Welsh Government and supported by ESTnet, took place at Cardiff City Stadium and saw companies gather from all across Wales.

It attracted the interest of a range of Welsh technology firms, although many of them are working in lucrative areas such as big data, analytics, IoT and cyber security.

During the event, the key message was that Welsh tech companies are creating the tools, services and products that can be utilised by the fast growing British space industry.

A number of high-profile companies and organisations supported the event, including both the UK and European Space Agencies, The Satellite Applications Catapult, Airbus, Seraphim Capital and Thales Alenia Space.

Focusing primarily on British space innovation, the event was aimed at businesses interested in developing their knowledge and involvement in this area.

Opportunities for Welsh businesses that can contribute to the wider space industry will also be highlighted later this month at an event organised by Aberystwyth University.

Economy Secretary Ken Skates said: “These events  illustrate the growing prospects that the space industry offers Welsh businesses and present a great opportunity to learn more about the sector.

“The key message is that there are opportunities for savvy SMEs in the tech sector to play an important part in supporting the growth of the space sector and that this presents a very real next market opportunity for Welsh Tech companies.”

There were a mix of presentations that informed and introduced businesses to current and future opportunities within the space industry, as well as support available through Innovate UK, the KTN, academic institutions and the Catapults.

Avril Lewis, managing director of the ESTnet, said: “The development of the UK space industry presents enormous potential for the Welsh technology sector.

“As the network for the Wales’ fast-growing technology industry, we know the valuable contribution our members can make to drive the development of the UK’s space efforts.

“It is essential that we ensure our members are given every chance to explore such opportunities and pursue valuable partnerships with organisations and companies working within the UK space industry.”

Image credit: Sweetie187