MyLiveGuard launches new hotel smart room service

MyLiveGuard, a technology firm based in Abercynon, has launched a new connected solution that lets people control their hotel environments using mobile tech.

The company, which develops connected home technology, has created a new smart hotel solution that makes use of existing televisions or entertainment set-up boxes.

It’s already in talks with an international hotel chain and well-known cruise company to roll out the service. It’ll allow guests to check in, turn on the TV remotely, and set the and set the temperature of their rooms.

Users can do all these things before arriving, and there’s a great deal of flexibility here too. The platform can be accessed via an app on both Android and iOS.

In addition to its hotel check-in product, the company also provides smart home solutions for assisted living, student accommodation and the growing smart home market.

The firm received a six-figure equity investment sum from the Wales Technology Seed Fund, which provides early-growth and start-up technology firms with investment.

Miles Woodhouse, managing director of the firm, said in a statement: “We’re really excited to be able to utilise our technology in this way.

“We offer a white label product, which integrates seamlessly with existing android devices – like set top boxes and smart TVs.

“Through an app on your phone you can automate and control a number of features in your room, from lighting through to air conditioning and heating. You can even control some coffee makers so there’s a fresh cappuccino ready for you on arrival.”

Sarah Smith, investment executive at Finance Wales, said: “This is a brilliant and innovative product which really taps into a growing, tech-savvy marketplace.

“There’s already been a lot of interest in this new service and we’re really pleased to be able to support Miles and the team as their company grows.”