New digital chief role announced by Welsh Government

The Welsh Government has announced it’s to appoint a chief digital officer to oversee the digital transformation of the Welsh public sector.

The new role forms part of the government’s Digital First strategy paper, which was published recently and sets out initial aims for overhauling devolved services provided in Wales.

These aims include planning a national open data framework, open source standards and national domain names.

While no one has been chosen for the role as of yet, the new role is a clear message that the Welsh government is committed to spurring on technology-based services in Wales.

Julie James, Wales’s deputy minister for skills and technology, says in the document: “We recognise that there are many barriers to accessing online services particularly for those on low incomes, the disabled and older people.

“By improving the quality of the digital services available and by ensuring that help and assistance is at the forefront of our service design, we can encourage and enable more people to engage with the digital services we provide.”