Newport-based edtech start-up partners with tech giant Microsoft

Newport-based edtech start-up Learnium, an online platform for learning, has partnered with tech giant Microsoft to change the way students learn and collaborate.

The start-up was formed in 2012 out of the Alacrity Foundation, a mentorship scheme set up by Welsh business tycoon Sir Terry Matthews to provide graduates with business training and support to launch tech companies.

Learnium’s partnership with Microsoft will see its platform integrated with MS Online Office, which offers students access to programmes like Word, Excel and Powerpoint for free. It’ll be available to more than 4 million students.

By setting up a free account with Learnium, students are able to connect with their peers at over 500 colleges and universities across the UK. They can then use the platform to share knowledge and revise together.

Its integration with Microsoft means users are able to create and work on documents jointly from any device, anywhere and at any time of the day. Essentially, it’s making study groups virtual.

Robert Dragan, Learnium’s CEO, said: “Our collaboration with Microsoft reinforces our strategic focus on improving the educational experience. Students will benefit from the ability to share ideas and knowledge and collaborate on documents in Learnium.

“It’s been an exciting year for us. In April we secured seed funding and in September we opened up the platform to all United Kingdom higher and further education institutions. The response from student unions, universities and colleges has confirmed the positive impact Learnium is having on students.”

Mark Stewart, UK education partner lead at Microsoft, said: “Learnium provides an exciting, new platform for students to learn, communicate and collaborate online. With the integration of Office Online, students will be able to work whenever and wherever they want, directly from their web-browsers and mobile devices.”