Newport-based entrepreneur named one to watch by IWA

Laura Emily Dunn, the founder and director of digital agency LED Media, has been named as an individual who will shape Wales over the next 30 years.

The Newport-based entrepreneur, whose business specialises in digital marketing and social media, has been selected by the Institute for Welsh Affairs as one of its “Next Thirty”.

Celebrating its 30th anniversary in July 2017, the organisation is giving a spotlight to Welsh entrepreneurs and professionals who have the potential of making Wales a better place.

Laura, who was selected from a list of candidates, has been recognised for her commitment to helping organisations and individuals utilise the latest technology and digital trends.

With a background in working with political institutions and political parties, she recently collaborated with MPs in Westminster to help them improve their digital literacy skills.

Specialising in digital marketing, creative communications and media, she works with public and private sector organisations in Wales, the rest of the UK and the United States. 

Laura is proud that her work has been recognised by the IWA. “I am thrilled to be one of the IWA’s Next Thirty individuals to watch over the next thirty years,” she said.

“Taking an interest in how digital is used in the public and political spheres, I’ve particularly enjoyed working in democratic institutions, introducing and mentoring public figures on how technology can be used to create authentic dialogue and empower citizens.

“The unique mix of organisations and individuals that I work with continually gives me the energy to try new things and spot new digital opportunities to encourage conversation and empower society from the bottom up.”

She added: “Wales is a nation unafraid to think big and take risks, and I hope that over the next thirty years, we will become a truly digitally connected nation with the use of new technology empowering citizens from the North to the South.

“I also hope that Wales will embrace the change that our new political, economic and social circumstances will bring, pushing us to continue to be a leader in the UK and across the world.”