North Wales investment company receives UK data protection certification

North Wales-based investment and financial management business RPG Wealth has received a coveted UK certification for protecting sensitive client data.

Headquartered in St Asaph, the company is now trading through the IASME scheme. This highlights its commitment to information security best practice, particularly the General Data Protection Regulation.

RPG Director Julian Redmond said: “Our clients trust us with their financial information. They are busy people and don’t need the additional burden of worrying about whether their data and that of their clients is safe.

“Going through the security processes and legal requirements to become accredited helped us, as a business, better understand the potential pitfalls and more importantly the solutions needed to protect both our data and theirs.

“When organisations are looking for a firm to help them with investments and financial planning we can show them our accreditations and they can be confident we have everything in place to the highest standard of Government schemes.”

To bring its business processes in line with current data protection legislation, RPG hired risk management and cyber security company Risk Evolves.

Redmond explained: “We were keen to bring in Risk Evolves because we wanted recommended and independent experts in the field to review our procedures.

“We work as auditors for a wide range of organisations and understand the value of having someone independent come in to provide support and training and take a forensic approach to the work.”

Helen Barge, managing director of Risk Evolves,  said many organisations were often held back by fear of the unknown when it came to managing their risk.

She said: “By giving people a clear and simple route to follow, putting systems in place and working closely with them to support them through the process, they realise they don’t have to fear new laws like GDPR. Instead, they can use them to look afresh at how they manage their data and the security they have in place.

“Doing accreditations and certifications gives them a road map, and shows those who they do business with, that they take these things seriously. Our role is to make the whole process run smoothly so they can get on with running their business.”