North Wales tech firm becomes official cyber security accreditor

The first business in north Wales to be named an official government cyber security accreditor has issued a stark warning about the dangers of online crime.

Boyns Information Systems, which at Lon Parcwr Business Park in Ruthin, has been awarded with a Cyber Essentials certificate by the UK Government to protect SMEs from cyber crime.

The company manages and supports businesses’ computers, servers and networks, helping them to avoid being targeted by online criminals. It’s led by Rob Boyns.

Speaking about the announcement, he said that businesses often shy away from the threats posed by cyber criminal and that his firm wants to reverse this worrying trend.

“It is extremely important for businesses to keep safe, they can demonstrate to their customers that they are safe and take security seriously,” he said.

“Cyber Essentials is a standard introduced by the UK Government to protect businesses against cyber threats.

“We are the only company in North and Mid-Wales which is a Cyber Essentials certification body, so we are able to certify other companies who apply for the standard.”

“If you get the certificate you are protected from 80 per cent of cyber-attacks, it involves anti-virus and anti-malware, firewalls and keeping software up-to-date.”

According to research conducted as part of Get Safe Online Day last October, fraud and cybercrime saw North Wales businesses lose a staggering £4 million in 2015/16.

Boyns, who is originally from South Wales but who now lives in Ruthin, launched the company in 1996 after leaving a job working in IT at Glyndwr University.

The company now employs nine people, and it recently applied for a business grant from the local council to help it purchase a server capable of recovering customer data.

Companies that want to secure contracts from the Welsh Government and the Ministry of Defence need a Cyber Essentials certification. This involves a complex application process.

The news comes as Denbighshire County Council has been investing in resources to raise the awareness of cyber crime. For instance, it’s held a cybercrime conference and provided free e-commerce training sessions.

Mike Horrocks, the council’s team and programme manager for economic & business development, said: “It is great to see a Denbighshire-based business lead the way in cybersecurity in North Wales.

“Through Digital Denbighshire, the Council is looking to unlock the economic benefits of businesses being online. We have already provided 45 hours of free digital training to more than 100 businesses with more sessions upcoming.

“It is also important to make sure businesses stay safe online as the impacts of cybercrime can be catastrophic and by offering Boyns a business development grant, we are giving more businesses in Denbighshire the chance to stay safe.”