Object Matrix inks partnership agreement with Cloudfirst

Object Matrix has signed a partnership agreement with digital archiving firm Cloudfirst as it continues to scale its storage solutions.

The Cardiff-based firm has announced a new integration with CloudFirst that enables its Software Defined Archive platform across a range of storage platforms, including the MatrixStore.

MatrixStore is a hybrid cloud solution targeted at media companies, allowing them to mitigate cloud migration risks and transfer content from legacy archives to newer storage platforms.

Nick Pearce-Tomenius, sales and marketing director at Object Matrix, said: “Large broadcasters are looking for unified interfaces from companies that understand their unique workflows.

“The result is an integration that fits well in the broadcast infrastructure and is flexible to adapt to evolving requirements.”

Brian Campanotti, president and CEO of Cloudfirst, commented: “The integration of MatrixStore with our unified storage orchestration platform de-risks the move to private or hybrid cloud environments while maximising the ability of media companies to re-use existing infrastructure and reduce costs.”

This news comes as Object Matrix recently inked a five-year deal with an Emmy-award winning US talk show to provide hybrid cloud support.

Founded in 2003 by Jonathan Morgan, Nick Pearce-Tomenius and Francisco Ontoso-Ramos, Object Matrix is currently developing an export offering in international markets. It operates in 30 countries, such as France, the US and Brazil.

“Exporting has been vital to expanding our company’s success and services worldwide. Before the idea of exporting our products and services became a reality we had to start locally before we could think globally,” said Pearce-Tomenius.

“Once we successfully accomplished that aspect of our business, we were able to take things to the next level. I firmly believe that if you can sell your product in Wales, you can sell your product anywhere.”