Online booking platform doubles its growth

Online booking specialist ThinkBooker has achieved a 43 per cent increase in revenue as a result of new client wins and expansion into new sectors.

The brand, which is a product of Cardiff-based web development and technology agency UpriseVSI, has become a key growth channel for the overall business. It’s grown from 10% of the UpriseVSI total revenue in 2016-17 to 30% in 2017-18.

ThinkBooker has signed a plethora of high-profile clients in recent times, including the Football Association of Wales. It’s developing an online booking system for facilities such as pitches and conference rooms.

Meanwhile, the Dragons rugby region has been working with the agency to create an internal room booking and bespoke CRM system. The firm has also launched an online booking service for Pro Shot Golf, an indoor golf simulator company in Milton Keynes.

Currently, ThinkBooker is expanding across the sports and leisure sector with the appointment of the New Generation Ski and Snowboard School, and is developing systems for the renowned Browns Fashions stores in London.

Gareth Rees Jones, managing director of UpriseVSI, said the company’s aim has been to increase the number of ThinkBooker projects and expand into new sectors.

“There is strong demand and recognition amongst brands that they have to provide their customers with a convenient and personalised customer experience and a major element is allowing them to book services or experiences online at any time and from any device,” he commented.

“Also, by collecting personal data, preferences, lifestyle information and even things like clothes sizes, which the thinkBooker system does, allows a company or brand to personalise the customer experience, which is proven to increase sales and loyalty.

“At the same time, companies are looking for efficiencies including saving time and money on manual admin and scheduling tasks and increasing the reliability and quality of the services that they deliver.

“The tools available within the thinkBooker systems have the proven ability to achieve this and, of course, it provides UpriseVSI with a powerful addition to our overall web development and digital applications portfolio.”