Organisation pushing for Bitcoin apoption in Wales launches

An organisation pushing for the adoption of Bitcoin in Wales has launched.

Bitcoin Wales, founded by Bitcoin enthusiasts Phillip George and Stephen Draycott, wants to make the digital currency a reality in Wales and push for wider understanding of the benefits.

Currently operating as single groups in Swansea, Cardiff and Newport with 97 members, Bitcoin Wales will set up more across the country and act as a voice for the tech in Wales.

The idea behind these groups is to educate people about Bitcoin, as well as the media and government. Also, they’ll bring tech and Bitcoin enthusiasts together.

Phillip George, co-founder of Bitcoin Wales, believes that a digital currency like Bitcoin would help Wales flourish and move into the digital age.

He said: “By gathering people with the right mindset and enthusiasm for Bitcoin, I believe we can achieve some great things that could potentially bring some positive outcomes for the local area and Wales.

“The main benefit of Bitcoin Wales is that people can meet up with a friendly group and network and discuss in regards to this revolutionary technology.

“Before now, there has not been a meeting point for people to discuss Bitcoin, but so far in the short time that Bitcoin Wales has existed.

“It has led to me and others being able to meet up with some truly interesting and passionate people.”

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