Organisation to champion female tech professionals in Wales launches

Two female entrepreneurs have launched an organisation to champion and support the visibility of women in tech, digital and entrepreneurship in Wales.

Lyanna Tsakiris and Miranda Bishop are the founders of Re:Program, which will support women by providing them with a space where they can chat about their industry experiences, share stories and network. 

It’ll host regular social meet-ups, dinner events, formal seminars and talks, and will help expand attendees’ networks, ambitions and skill sets.

Re:Program’s first event will be a launch dinner held at 29 Park Place, a restaurant and bar in Cardiff. Tickets are currently on sale at £15 each, and there are both meat and vegetarian options available.

Lyanna Tsakiris, the co-founder of Re:Program, said: “Often in digital/tech women are in abundance at graduate level and middle management, but are rarely seen at higher levels, on conference panels or being paid equally.

“We felt that despite a lot of people paying lip service to gender diversity and equality there is a lot more to be done in Wales to generate productive conversations to help empower women to enact change in our industry.”

She added: “We wanted to create more of a ‘gathering’ than the traditional corporate-style ‘networking’ event where women could feel comfortable meeting other women in their industries and discover new opportunities in a relaxed atmosphere.”

Image credit: Swaminathan