Penarth-based tech company marks massive growth

TestLodge, a software testing platform based in Penarth, has announced it’s more than tripled its revenue over the last two years.

The company, which offers a cloud-based software testing tool, has seen an impressive 233 per cent increase in turnover between 2014 and 2016.

It’s created a tool that enables users to document and manage their testing efforts with ease. TestLodge is used by start-ups, internal IT departments, design agencies and quality assurance teams.

Since launching in 2013 and coming out development, the company has grown exponentially and credits its success to taking a responsible attitude to user feedback.

Scott Sherwood, managing director of TestLodge, said: “By its nature, our software has to be agile with the ability to quickly adapt to user demand.

“Given the complexity of software testing our customers regularly comment on the need for responsiveness, with every delay in testing potentially having a knock-on effect on workload,” he said.

“By making consumer feedback a core facet of our business, we are meeting the demand for a modern and fluid testing platform, which is being reflected in the rate of our sign-ups.

“Early on in the business we decided to forgo seeking external investment, with a preference for organic growth. This bootstrapping allowed us the freedom to focus on reinvesting into the business, rather than racing to provide a return for investors.”

These figures coincide with a large, feature-packed update to the platform. Sherwood said this, like much of the company’s recent announcements, was born from user feedback.

“Many of our users were requesting a more in-depth search function, with the ability to search the entire project using a natural language search technology. This has also corresponded with the users ability to group test cases, meaning projects are easier to find and manage,” he said.

TestLodge supports thousands of companies in over 180 countries, and many technologists see it as one of the top emerging software testing tools being invented in the UK.