Photographer launches new microsite to get SMEs and freelancers online

Sarah Stone, a professional photographer and digital strategist based in Newport, has launched a microsite service to help businesses get online easily and quickly.

My Business Page is a one-stop-shop for businesses and freelancers looking to establish and develop an online presence efficiently, professionally and cheaply.

The service lets small business owners and self-employed professionals set up their own one-page websites about their services and products, regardless of their digital experience.

As well as helping small businesses, the website is also being targeted at people who are looking to break into self-employment but are uncertain how to begin this journey.

Stone decided to set up the website after struggling to move away from full-time work as an ICT officer into pursuing her passion for photography on a long-term basis.

“I’d be working five days a week photographing babies of new mums who were coming to the end of their maternity leave, who were desperate not to go back to the nine to five and who had a great business idea, but just didn’t know how to make the transition.” she said.

“Having started my own business through word of mouth and eventually building it up to become a full time venture I could totally empathise and My Business Page is the result – working for yourself can be a lonely place.

“So I wanted to create a support system that benefits others in promoting themselves in those early stages in a relatively short space of time, and with minimal hassle involved.”

Users are provided with a fully functioning, tailored website within a matter of a few weeks. They’re also given instructions on how to amend and refresh content.

Sarah said that she designed the website to “empower self-employed operators to get up and go in one easy, affordable package”. Potential customers can also visualise their own profile before signing up.

The websites incorporate video, imagery, blog and other content formats. Once created, users are given full control and can add content as they see fit.

She added: “I also hope to bring My Business Page users together as an online community, where those who are signed up can share tutorials, business tips and other pearls of wisdom with each other via an online forum.

“Ultimately My Business Page is my way of giving the benefit of experience I have had in setting up my own businesses to others I know are struggling to achieve similar things, and has been created very much as a lifestyle rather than a sales solution in that sense.”